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Our solutions provide elevated relaxation through soothing vibration and augmented repose. 

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TGA certified Medical Devices

TGA certified medical adjustable beds & chairs brisbane Australia

We are proud to say that our products are TGA certified medical devices (Class 1a). Listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. Access the public summary by clicking here, or learn how our Cycloid Vibration Technology actually works by clicking below.

Superior Lifestyle fully Australian owned and operated

Superior Lifestyle is fully Australian owned and operated. Our Australian made unique CVT (cycloidal vibration technology) is manufactured and developed in house so that you can be rest assured our solutions under go strict quality assurance; delivering great long lasting premium service to your door.

10 years sprior adjustable beds brisbane

Celebrating 10 years in business 

This year, Superior Lifestyle celebrated 10 years in business and pledged its commitment to becoming Australia’s leading and most trusted provider in aged care, theraputic and pain management solutions. 

NDIS governmenthealth rebate adjustable bed brisbane

We support and respect our senior citizens through the NDIS

We strongly believe in the benefits of aged care assistance which empower seniors to stay at home for longer and live a full life. We make it our mission to give back, by tailoring our pain-management solutions. 

Do you or someone you know have fatigue, pain or health issues?

We provide FREE no obligation in-home educational consultations to Australian seniors to circumnavigate available products and equipment that help to assist with maintaining good health, managing pain and discomfort, and in-home independence. Our services have helped over 6000+ clients invest in their health and live more independently and happier overall lifestyles (just see our testimonials).

Our Class 1a TGA medically certified products are ergonomically designed for people with disabilities and other health concerns. Our beds, chairs and other therapy equipment offer non-invasive massage oscillation therapy to assist with bodily circulation; Adjustable action to provide positional relief from injury or strenuous areas of the body such as back pain; Elevation to assist with getting in and out of the bed/chair with ease and independence and memory foam moulding to assist with proper skeletal alignment.These features and more allow the individual to increase their sleep performance so that your state of mind and body can access deeper levels of sleep recovery and rehabilitation.


Combining advanced electric technology with greater mobility and accessibility, our devices offer customers a rich plethora of positive lifestyle benefits…

Our solutions help:

Increase mobility and independence

Reduce continuous fatigue and discomfort

Increase pain management and stress relief

Enhance tranquility and peace through deep relaxation and augmented repose. 

Lifestyle adjustable beds brisban
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