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bed-for-hire equipment

You might want to get an adjustable bed base, either for your health or just because you need it. These beds are costly and what do you do if you only need it for a short period? The best option would be renting one instead of buying a new one. You can enjoy the benefits without spending any money on something that will eventually go unused again. Renting is an excellent way to save money!  

✅ 8 Week Minimum Term
✅ Pay in small instalments
✅ No Hidden Fees
✅ Free Delivery & Return

Bed rentals are ideal for...

Our rental beds can be adjusted to elevate your head, legs, or both, providing relief from swollen ankles, back pain, and heartburn. Plus, our bed frames are built with sturdy construction, ensuring safe and secure sleeping throughout your pregnancy.


Renting an adjustable bed is a flexible solution, allowing you to return the bed after you've recovered from your pregnancy, without having to worry about storage or resale. Plus, it's a great way to try out the benefits of an adjustable bed before deciding to invest in a purchase.

Rental Options

Galaxy Lite Adjustable Bed

Perfect for rentals our light weight Galaxy Lite bed comes fully equipped with head and leg elevation; adjustable beds and soothing vibration.

Sizes Available

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long double.jpg
how itworks

How does it work?

Our rental program consists of a choice of 3 bed sizes, single, king single, long double; accompanying Pressure Care Mattress and Mattress Protector. Once your rental term has been determined and your bed delivered and your subscription will begin and you will be charged periodically until the end of the billing cycle or you can choose to pay the entire amount upfront. You will have the option to upgrade your plan during your rental term or we will end the subscription and arrange for the product to be returned to us hassle free!