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Galaxy Lite Bed Gen3.0 

+ Pressure Care Mattress Bundle

✅ 3-speed 2 zone massage vibration, with 3 modes
✅ Wireless remote + mobile app
✅ Head & leg elevation, support up to 280kg
✅ Compact fold-a-way design for easy storage
✅ Included: Pressure Care Mattress and more! See all features

Up To:

40% OFF!

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All the benefits of hospital-grade equipment without the eye-sore!

It's hard to find a good night's rest, no matter how tired you are. Socks that keep your feet warm; an eye mask to block out light can help, but if you have trouble sleeping because of your back or neck there may be something more for you. Bedtime Store is leading the way of the future with adjustable beds and mattresses jam packed with features providing you with a perfect night's sleep everytime...