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You have 2,000 Bedtime Points

Redeem your points for rewards and place your first order.

Get 2,000 Bedtime Points for each friend you refer

Get special perks for you and your friends

1. Give your friends 2,000 Bedtime Points.
2. Get 2,000 Bedtime Points for each friend who places an order.

Bonus! Plus for a limited time only... Get a $100 Coles Gift Card for each friend you refer.

Terms: If the referral results in a purchase of an adjustable bed and mattress with Bedtime Store we will send you and your referral a Coles & Myer Group Gift Card to the value of $100 AUD as a token of our appreciation!


How do I refer friends?

Referring friends is easy use the link above and copy the link using the button. Then paste this link into your contact method of choice such as, email, text message or other and send out to as many of your contacts as you like. 

What can I do with 'Bedtime Points'?

You can use your Bedtime Points to redeem coupons on our online store. Click the button below to see a full list of members only coupons and how much you can save! Coupon code can be used on our online store at checkout by clicking 'enter a promo code.' 

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