Relaxing Vibration Massage Device

Soothe, relax and feel the good vibrations with two-zone head and leg massage therapy. Set the timer and drift away into deep sleep. Our Adjustable Beds now come with 3 varied massage modes with 3 intensity levels each:


Linear Vibration Massage

Heart Beat Vibration Massage

Gentle Ocean Wave Vibration Massage

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Uniquely Engineered Fold-Away Design

An ingeniously engineered compact design allows this adjustable bed to be folded in half! Allowing for easier moving, travel and storage needs.

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1. Unpack

2. Unfold

3. Screw in

Remove bed base from packaging

Unfold the already fully assembled bed base 90 degrees

Simply screw in and attach the included 6 legs and mattress brackets. Connect power supply and enjoy!

Fully Wireless one-touch instant pain relief

User-friedly wireless remote control in glossy black finish with a built in torch - now that's handy! Choose from pre-installed positions or set your own - unlimited positions!

CONTROL 01.jpg

TV Position

This position goes without saying. Perfect for late night movies and working on your laptop. Someone bring the popcorn please!

Zzz Position

The preferred sleeping position. Great for those suffering from gastric reflex, breathing problems, snoring or just want a better night's sleep!

Zero Gravity Position

Also known as the semi-fowler position, designed to increase lung expansion and help you breather easier.

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Complete Your Ensemble with an Australian Made Headboard*

Our Deluxe Headboards have been designed with a beautiful diamond deep-button and pinch pleated finished. Complete with a shimmering Midnight Black, Space Grey or your own customer colour fabric.


Made to Order

Customise your design with our made to order headboards!

Headboard Brackets

Attachable headbaord brackets fit securely to the steel frame and any headboard shape or size.

Custom Colours

You'll be happy to know you can customise the colour of your headboard to match your bedroom decor.

Customise Your Height Anyway You Like!

Come with 6 legs each with 3 screwable modules (8, 10 and 13cm) which can be combined to achieve different heights based on your preference.

HEIGHT 01.jpg

15cm lowest

Great for us smaller people or those that just like sleeping near the ground

25cm Medium

Not too high not too low and still some space enough for storage!

39cm Highest

Huge height! Enough to put an elephant under your bed. Just kidding!

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