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Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

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Our top of the range Soflex® Hybrid 10" Mattress is designed for hot and heavy sleepers with the bounce of a traditional pocket spring mattress. Combining the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam with twice-tempered pocket springs, the Soflex® Hybrid Mattress is our premium mattress range, designed to flex and contour on any adjustable bed base.

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Key Features

Our second generation Soflex® Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress is an evolution of the common household mattress we know and love. Dive into the key features below.

Our Soflex® Hybrid Mattress begins with two inches of our latest
"air memory foam" technology. This offers a cushioning and mould for your body that alleviates pressure points in your shoulders and hips. Cool-gel beads are infused throughout this top layer to help disperse body heat and an additional inch of high density, postural support foam is layered beneath to keep your spine in its natural alignment, boosting recovery. 

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Our Soflex® Hybrid Mattress has been designed and tested across all of our adjustable bed bases. Each pocket spring is twice tempered to withstand extreme pressure and are individually cased in pockets for flexibility and minimal partner disturbance. Our Soflex® Hybrid Mattress comes with a ten year limited warranty that ensures consistent and reliable performance.

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Quilted Bamboo Cover

With our Soflex® Hybrid Mattress we wanted to eliminate the need for a mattress topper. That's why we've designed the mattress cover with tightly-knit quilted pockets for plush yet firm mattress surface. Unzip the cover and hand wash for optimal hygiene. Plus it's made with organic bamboo fibres, perfect for irritable skin types and warmer climates. 


We’ve worked hard to bring you incredible comfort and a mattress that is safer for the planet. The foam used in our Soflex Mattresses meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions and durability, and are analysed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. That means no harmful chemicals, no formaldehyde, no o-zone depleters, no PBDE flame retardants, no heavy metals and no phthalates!

Improved Air Flow Design

The Soflex® Hybrid Mattress comes with a unique profile and grooves along the top and bottom layers of memory foam. These grooves allow for greater air permeability and lateral contouring as the bed changes shape. The ventilated base fabric helps to expel heat and has two mattress handles on both sides to assist with rotating the mattress on a regular basis. Neat!

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