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Superior Massage Wand

Gentle yet deeply penetrating vibrations help stimulate blood circulation, mobility and relaxation

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Our staple medical device is the Superior Massage Wand, delivering a gentle yet deeply penetrating multi-directional vibration to target acute pain and activated trigger points in specific areas of the body.

Recognised by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as a medical device, the Superior Massage Wand helps you to unlock muscle tension and seamlessly transition into a pleasant state of relaxation.

The device is also suitable for travelling with a lightweight and contoured design to fit comfortably in the palm of your hands.

Special features



Before use, ensure the AC power cord is plugged into the wall and turned on.



Press this button to toggle the device ON and OFF in Standard Massage mode. 


3. "+" BUTTON

Press this button to gradually increase the speed and intensity of the cycloid vibration massage to a maximum acceleration of ... 


4. "-" BUTTON

Press this button to gradually decrease the speed and intensity of the cycloid vibration massage to a minimum acceleration of ... 


Press both the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time to enable Surge Release Massage mode. In this mode, the device will generate a powerful pulsating wave. Press both buttons simultaneously to return to the device to Standard Massage mode.



Attach the slip-on rubber cup to massage on bony or sensitive areas of the body (including your face).

Target your pain points...

...unlock muscle tension

Disclaimer: All of our CV therapy devices are supplied GST-free and registered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods as Class 1 Medical Devices RTG No. 307512. The medical research on which include various studies into Cycloid Vibration Technology. These studies were not initiated or financed by Superior Therapy Ltd Pty. Whilst the studies confirm the benefits of Cycloid Vibration Technology, the health professionals involved do not endorse the use of any particular brand.

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