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Pat Gogel

Superior Lifestyle.

Since purchasing the massage and recliner chair I have found a big difference in my mobility and chronic pain has been managable since purchasing the chair from your company. I use it every day as I was facing the hassle of having to use a wheel chair. Best purchase I have made in my later years. One problem! I am missing the end of my programs on T.V. as its so relaxing and healping with my pain that I am dozing off and missing the end. Great Chair. 

Yours Sincerely

Pat Gogel.

Keith and Shirley

On behalf of my wife (Shirley) and myself, I would like to say "Thank you" to Belinda and Claudio for introducing us to the Superior Standard Chair. I cannot praise this chair enough, especially, the ability to adjust the back and base to how ever it makes you most comfortable. Having the vibration and heat as an added feature to this chair certainly makes this chair a valuable asset.

As a sufferer of chronic medical condition primarily neuropathy (inflammation of the spinal cord nerves through the L3, L4, L5 and S1 of the lower back) and sciatica nerve in both legs to the bottom of the feet, this chair helps me reduce the inflammation pain to a tolerable level.

In conjunction with my pain medication and the features of this chair it truly does make life with immense pain much easier to bare. It would be great if this chair was the magic wand to take all pain away for people with chronic conditions, however, I think that would be stretching the string too far.

I repeat, I cannot praise the quality and the features of this chair enough and again I say "thank you" to Belinda and Claudio for their help in introducing us to this chair.

Yours Respectfully

Keith and Shirely.

Henri Klok

The bed I purchased from you has really helped my back pain reduce. I am sleeping better and my movement has also improved. I would recommend your beds to anyone and wish I got one sooner.

Kind Regards

Henri Klok


John Harrison


Dear Sir/Madam

I was paid a home visit by Steven, in regard to items that would benefit me in my home. He showed me a variety of products that his company, Superior Lifestyle had available, however, one item in particular drew my attention and this was an adjustable massage bed, very similar to the type of bed in hospitals, with the ability to raise and lower both the head and foot ends of the bed, combined with massaging for the head and the feet. Steven was able to demonstrate a bed that he had in the back of his wagon, which showed me all the advantages of the bed first-hand. I found the bed, with all of the components extremely satisfying and immediately ordered a Queen size bed. This was delivered and set up for me the next week by two gentlemen and I was given a full run-down and instructions on how to operate it.

I have now had the bed for about three months and must say I 'am very satisfied with it for comfort and I also sleep much better at night. I was also supplied with a therapy vibration wand at no extra charge and use this every evening to minimize areas of arthritis in my right leg.

I recommend Superior Lifestyle and all of their staff for their products and in particular their adjustable massage bed and their therapy vibration wand.

Dagmara Peron


Together with my husband Rino we purchased the twin adjustable massage beds. It has now been 3 months since we made the purchase and I must say that my back ache has made a remarkable recovery. My snoring has lessened to a degree but the quality of sleep has made a huge difference. We were away on holidays for 5 weeks and during that time away my back suffered. Upon arrival home and into my own bed the pain has now subsided. A big thank you to Superior Lifestyle for your prompt and friendly service and this is one purchase that I do not definitely regret.

Patricia Smith


Dear Sir/Madam

I am the proud owner of a king-size adjustable massage bed. As I am an avid TV watcher and usually watch a little TV before falling off to sleep this bed is ideal for my needs. In fact, it can be said to be "the cat's whiskers." I really appreciate the different positions I am able to program to allow me to watch TV in such comfortable and pain-free ways.

If I decide to incorporate a little massaging which I watch, then its only a matter of using the handset with its easy programming features. Bedtime is so much more improved with my Superior Lifestyle bed.

Thank you, Superior Lifestyle.

Leo O'connell


I am approaching my eighty ninth birthday.

Having osteoarthritis I experience considerable pain while performing my everyday affairs. I try to use my bed albeit three times a day. It eases the pain assisted by the vibratory action of the base.

Thanking you.

Robbyn and Greg Bell


Over 10 years ago we purchased a CV Health Therapy Wand and CV health Therapy Cushion and used these nearly everyday even when travelling around Australia in our caravan. When my cardiologist gave me a result of no plaque in my veins I felt this was a great contributor.

When the opportunity came to purchase the Dual Queen Bed we decided to do it. We purchased it 5 months ago and could not be happier. My husband's back improved and we are both sleeping better and absolutely love the massage.

Louise E. Reid


To whom it may concern.

I would like to day I am more than satisfied with my purchase of a massage chair and King size single bed. The main reasons for this is not only the comfort but the fact that I needed an adjustable head on the bed as I have been ill. Been in hospital 7 weeks. 3 weeks so far in recovery at home. I had to be fed by nose tube. At night they required me to have my head upright to 35 degrees. to aid the flow of my feeding tube. During days I recuperated in my relaxing massage chair. So you can see I have made very good use of my purchases a very good investment.

Thank you

Yours sincerely 

Louise Reid.

Eric and Dianne Ostonvich


We have had our bed from Superior Lifestyle for over 3 months and it is the best thing we invested in, as it has helped my husband with all his aches and pains and he now has a good night sleep every night and it has helped with his snoring and it has helped me as well I love to have the massage on it is so relaxing. I recommend to anyone who can afford one to invest, you will not be disappointed with how comfortable they are.

Eric and Dianne.

Ian Weir


Please note that we have invested in two standard lift-up recliner chairs. They have been just great with a gentle movement which suits us just fine and friends visiting comment on them also. We would recommend them to everyone who has a back problem.


Ian Weir.

Sandy and Mike Peake

Since purchasing our twin Superior Beds, we have enjoyed REAL comfort and sleep better so wake up feeling more refreshed and with less aches and pains. We just love having the massage function and find it almost lulls us to sleep.

Thankyou Superior.

Sandy and Mike.

Brian Westbrook

I brought the bed last July since then my sleep has improved dramatically. I sleep right through now, if I do wake I put on the massage and go straight back to sleep. Massage is fantastic. It has improved my back pain, also restless legs. My health has also improved. Love the bed!


Sylvia Robey

To whom it may concern,

I purchased an adjustable massage bed, with Superior Lifestyle, on the 23rd January 2017. I have found being able to adjust it and also using the massage daily takes away any stiffness, It is soothing and I believe it has helped enormously in my recovery. I also sleep much better.

Sylvia Robey.

Claire M.VanderPijl

We are happy for you to put our comments onto your website.

My husband and I are very happy with our Duel Queend Bed. It is very comfortable and we know we are getting a better night's sleep. My husband is benefitting from the massage element which helps his spine and neck injuries. Also the raised head helps him get out of bed with more ease.

I am enjoying the comfort of being able to read in bed using the raised head. We trust these comments will be valuable to you.


Margaret Bartram

My classic chair and massage wand has been well used since it was delivered. The chair is very comfortable with the ability to control the foot rest and back rest to suite my needs at the time. The chair massage is relaxing, able to relieve back pain and tension. The massage wand is improving the circulation in my left leg. Many thanks.

Margaret Bartram.

Russel Morgan


On the 20th September, 2013, I signed up for a Queen-sized Superior Bed and was asked if I was happy with the delivered product and if I would provide a testimonial.


I’ve had the bed for a month and thought long and hard about the content of the testimonial. It is really easy to use superlatives to describe the bed, because it is super comfy. I do sleep better and I awake more relaxed, but these are just words. They are qualitative, not quantitative.

I have slept better and slept longer and really do feel refreshed upon waking.


Thank you Superior Therapy Products. It is well worth the investment.


Russell Morgan.

Margaret and Don Fraser


Dear Sir/Madame,


We attended the "Beaudesert Show" on the 9th of September, where we saw your bed display. My wife and I were very impressed by a no-pressure-sale to buy and payment plan that was suggested by Belinda. It only took us about twenty minutes to purchase two massage adjustable beds. We are very happy with our purchase and how quick we had our beds all set up in our house two days later. We have shown the new beds to a few of our friends and they are very happy with them. We would recommend Superior Therapy Products to anyone who is considering purchasing one of their beds, and to do so immediately, as you will not be disappointed!


Yours faithfully,


Margaret and Don Fraser.

Bill and Ellen Luckman


Since our purchase of the twin superior beds, we have enjoyed a better sleep pattern. Bill’s snoring has ceased (much to my relief). We would recommend your product, as it is the best money we have spent. Your Saleswoman, Belinda, delivered her sale in an excellent manner. Not pushy -  just showing an understanding of the product. Superior Therapy Products seems to rely on its ability to produce an excellent product with word of mouth doing the best advertising.




Bill & Ellen Luckman.

Ken Wachen


To Superior Therapy Products. We are happy to let you know that on the 17th of September, when we last bought two of your beds, we do think that was one of the best investments we have made. We were both having difficulty sleeping with back discomfort and incomplete rest. But the very first night sleeping in our “Superior” beds brought both of us a great night’s sleep without back discomfort. They are so comfy and we like the massage function - it is a welcome feature. We are loving them. Thank you for being in the right place at the right time. We have no problem in recommending Superior Therapy Products to everybody.


Yours Truly,


Ken Wachen.

Nicole Piay

I have had my adjustable, vibrating bed for some months now. I used to wake up in the middle of the night (around 3a.m.) which I am sure will be familiar to a lot of people. Well now, I don’t. Most nights I sleep right through and if I do wake up it is closer to 4 am. and if I can’t get back to sleep, well, I just put the vibrator on or adjust the height of my head or feet. Recently, I hurt my back whilst away on holiday and found that I just could not sleep – everytime I tried to move I would get an electric shock down my body. How I longed for bed. Well I am home now, and again, sleeping like a baby thanks to my wonderful bed.


Nicole Piay.

Mrs Robin Kennedy-Hodges

I’m Mrs Kennedy-Hodges and I reside in Logan City. I have been retired for four years. As we get older suddenly the aches and pains come along. Six months ago, I bought a Superior Therapy Products Adjustable Massage Bed. It has helped my arthritic hips with its smooth massage and vibration. I was lucky to win a Superior Massage Chair, so, I can now soothe my aches and pains away while I’m watching my favourite show of the night. Do I recommend Superior Therapy Products? You bet!. They have helped me to become more mobile and maintain an ache-free night’s sleep. The best part of it all is the friendly staff will set up your Superior Adjustable Massage Bed or Chair for you.


Yours Faithfully,


Robin Kennedy-Hodges.

Glenda Elliott

My name is Glenda Elliott and I am the Daughter-in-Law of Mr and Mrs Edward and Mavis Elliott who happened to be the lucky winners of a Deluxe King Single Bed, together with a foam mattress in a FREE raffle you recently conducted here in Adelaide. The bed was delivered to them as promised, and would like to thank you, on their behalf, as they do not have a computer. The bed could not have come at a better time as they are both in their early nineties and not all that mobile, therefore the bed will certainly be used by both of them. My husband and I thought we had to be there when the bed was delivered (for us to put together for them) however it was delivered and assembled by Karl, who was so helpful and knowledgeable and really explained  the workings of the bed and all of its functions. Once again, a very big “Thank You” to Superior Lifestyle from Edward and Mavis.


Kind regards,


Glenda Elliott

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