Tencel® Lyocell Mattress

Tencel® Lyocell Mattress

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$910.00Sale Price
Colour: White

Our memory foam mattresses are manufactured using special sensitive material, which allows the mattress to adjust to your body weight, providing a good night’s sleep. Additionally, memory foam is able to provide extra warmth for added comfort during cold months. This is good news for those who have partners who toss and turn, as disturbances are minimized.


Tencel ® Lyocell Fibres of botanic origin define a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort for you. Naturally derived from timber giving a soft sikly feel comapred to cotton. Tencel absorb moisture more effectively giving a more higenic, cool and dry comfortable night’s sleep. Space-age memory foam technology moulds gentley to your body for the ultimate comfort and night’s sleep. 

Moisture Wicking Washable Cover
Moisture wicking fabric draws moisture away from the body and allows it to evaporate more easily so that you can stay comfortable throughout the night.


Reduced Motion Transfer
Suitable for couples, memory foam effectively reduces motion transfer so you can minimise sleep disturbance to your partner. 


Gel-infused Memory Foam
Gel-infused memory foam helps regulate body temperature by drawing heat away from the body, making it easier to fall asleep.


Open-Cell Technology
Balloon-like cells allow for air flow throughout the mattress for greater breathability and comfort.


Ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies, our memory foam mattresses create an unfriendly environment for mould, mildew, dust mites and allergens.


Non-Slip Base
Mattress grips on the bottom layer to prevent it from slipping and sliding when adjusting the bed. 

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