Superior Lifestyle Therapy Massage Wand (Cordless)

Superior Lifestyle Therapy Massage Wand (Cordless)


The Superior Lifestyle Wireless CV Therapy Massage Wand is a lightweight contoured device that houses a powerful motor and battery life of up to 4 hours for effective vibrational therapy.


Unlike conventional mono-directional vibration machines that effectively hit back and forth across the skin the Superior Lifestyle Cycloidal Wand enhances the therapeutic effect with the use of unique non-invasive 3D oscillation vibrations, massaging deeper into the body than ever before. The massager is invaluable in helping the treatment of sore muscles that are filled with lactic acid helping to ease, soothe, relax and promote bodily recovery.

  • Soft Touch Controls

    Soft-to-touch control buttons allow you to
    vary the massage intensity and select a
    Pulsating Surge Release Function.


    Conventional Mono-Directional Massagers Superior Lifestyle Cycloidal Vibration Wand

    Hard forward/backward action

    Shallow penetration



    Gentle Action

    Deep Penetration



    Battery Capacity Voltage Frequency Amplitude
    Up to 4 Hours 12v DC 15 to 75Hz 0.1mm ro 0.5mm to product positive health benefits


    Designed for ease of use, the CV Therapy Wand is
    contoured to fit comfortably in your hands. The unit weighs under 1KG allowing you to reach and soothe those hard to reach places!


    Included Components:

    1x Portable Massage Wand 1x Foam Brick 1x AC Charger 1x Rubber Massage Cup 1x Waste Belt 1x Carry Pouch
    The main unit Foam brick allows the unit to be housed securly to use on feet and/or legs Charger unit plugs into any GPO with light to show its charging. A attachable rubber cup to allow for massage on tender and/or boney areas of the body such as the face or knee caps/elbows. Work on your tummy area while allowing freedom to move around. A vinvyl pouch to store your product when not used.


    36 Months for Motor and Parts


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